U is for the Glorious Unnecessary

I’ve been reading Michael Pollan’s new book, Cooked, which is about the role of cooking in human life and possibly the evolution of our species. It is quite interesting and so far has made me wish I could roast a whole pig on a spit — that’s an activity that will probably have to wait […]

T is for Tools

I was having problems coming up with a topic today — Tolkien? Tremendous trifles a la Chesterton? Tea? — and then a friend of mine posted an article about a Finnish axe on Facebook, and after watching the accompanying video (seven minutes of axe-work!) and reading about the innovations in axe design, I thought that […]

S is for Shakespeare

There’s something about Shakespeare that I find endlessly fascinating. I think it’s because the plays often seem so ordinary at first … and then … and then they just keep unfolding. You keep thinking about them. You keep murmuring over a line or two, or a word, or a passage, because it sounds so wonderful, […]