Other Blogs of Interest

It has to be said I am quite limited in the blogs I read regularly — though I’m hoping to add some more over the course of April’s A-Z Challenge — but here are some that I find perennially interesting:

Alice Degan – my writing partner and friend, whose first novel, From All False Doctrine (a metaphysical comedy of manners about set in 1920s Toronto!) will be coming out this summer.

Casaubon’s Book – Sharon Astyk writes about sustainability, transitioning to a lower-energy future, living well and cheerfully, and also foster parenting.

Cold Antler Farm – Jenna Woginrich writes about starting up a small farm in Vermont. Expect discussion of fiddling, horses, archery, sheep . . .

Dean Wesley Smith – Kris Rusch’s husband. He writes on various aspects of the writing life, including the nuts and bolts of indie publishing. Sometimes controversial but always fascinating.

Hark, a Vagrant! – historical comics, often with a Canadian theme. And lots of other sorts of comics too.

Hyperbole and a Half – comics! the Alot is one of my favourites.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch – a novelist and short story writer whose Thursday blogs on the business end of writing — and freelancing in general — I have been finding invaluable, and also entertaining. (Her Free Fiction Monday project has encouraged me to have some free short fiction up starting 1st April 2014 — I’m not nearly prolific enough to have a new short story every week, so I’m going for one every month. Perhaps when I’m thirty+ years into my career I will also be able to do one a week . . .)

Pancakes and French Fries – Jules from California writes about her life. I found her through her William Morris project posts, and enjoy her stories about her family and living a normal life with more deliberation.

Patricia C. Wrede – one of my favourite authors, I very much like her posts on the craft of writing.

xkcd – a tri-weekly webcomic with stick figures. I don’t know enough computer math to understand all the jokes, but that doesn’t stop it being fun. (Also, the Tuesday ‘What if?’ posts — “answering hypothetical questions with science” is amazingly awesome. Who is the loneliest human being? What would happen if you drained the oceans? How many human beings would a T-rex need to eat to supply its calorie needs? You can find out answers to all these and more!)


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