New book! Bee Sting Cake

Has it really been nearly a year since my last blog post? Probably it has; I’ve been very much remiss in writing anything this summer. I over-stretched myself on a few fronts, and several things suffered, including my garden (which is sadly full of weeds) and writing. Nevertheless, in snippets and snatches of time I did eventually manage to finish the second book in the Greenwing & Dart series. To celebrate, Stargazy Pie got a new cover that matches the book’s genre and tone much better than the first one.

And thus, with no further ado:

Both books are currently available from Amazon and Kobo, as well as through Streetlib, Overdrive, and a few other online storefronts. iTunes has been giving me headaches, but they should be available on that platform soon. Due to the changes I was making to Stargazy Pie, neither are currently available in print form, but will be in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted!

For your delectation, descriptions and store links are below. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Stargazy Pie Ebook Sept 2017Magic is out of fashion.
Good manners never are.

Jemis Greenwing returned from university with a broken heart, a bad cold, and no prospects beyond a problematic inheritance and a job at the local bookstore.

Ragnor Bella is a placid little market town on the road to nowhere, where Jemis’ family affairs have always been the main source of gossip. Having missed his stepfather’s funeral, he is determined to keep his head down.

Unfortunately for his reputation, though fortunately for several other people, he falls quickly under the temptation of resuming the friendship of Mr. Dart of Dartington, land agent to his older brother the Squire and beloved local daredevil. Mr. Dart is delighted to have Jemis’ company for what will be, he assures him, a very small adventure.

Jemis expected the cut direct. The secret societies, criminal gangs, and illegal cult to the old gods–to say nothing of the mermaid–come as a complete surprise.

Book One of Greenwing & Dart, fantasies of manners—and mischief.

Available from Amazon and Kobo.


Bee Sting Cake Ebook Sept 2017Magic is out of fashion.
Gambling is merely illegal.

Neither law nor common sense has ever stopped anyone in Ragnor Bella from making—or breaking—their fortunes at the table, at the racetrack, and especially at the Dartington Harvest Fair. With Mad Jack Greenwing’s only son Jemis finally back from university, this year’s betting is bidding fair to be the stuff of legend.

Jemis assumes the speculative glances are for his inherited notoriety (and, perhaps, his adventurous first weekend back in town), and is determined to do nothing more than a little light wagering at the Fair.

Perhaps one footrace.

The odds on his placing are remarkably high—but the real bets are whether he makes it to the starting line at all.

Lost heirs. Botanizing dukes. Riddling dragons. High Gothic melodrama. And all that’s just to get his name in the race.

Book Two of Greenwing & Dart, fantasies of manners—and mischief.

Available from Amazon and Kobo.


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