Fantasy Giveaway

Well, some of my seeds are sprouting–tomatillos first, then the Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, Fairy Tale eggplant, gilia, and even a few artichokes and cardoons. I’m pretty excited about the cardoons, to be honest. So far five out of twelve have sprouted; I’ve moved four from the little peat pellets I started them in into […]

First Plantings

I read somewhere (in a work that was itself referencing someone else) that one should make an effort to plant something or to preserve something every day of the year. Should is an interesting word here. In the context I read it, it had to do with working to become independent–not self-sufficient, but self-reliant, partly […]

Scones and Other Elements of Good Company

One of the secondary pleasures of having people over is the opportunity–nay, almost the obligation–to make something to share with them. I like baking, but as I live by myself and I shouldn’t really feed all my excess baked goods to the dogs (and I have not yet progressed beyond the merest imagining of having […]