For the Newcomer

First of all, welcome!

Given the slightly haphazard nature of this blog, which is still finding its feet, I felt that it would be helpful to have some orientation.  Of course, you are welcome to read through the archives in order, but any master plan (and there may one day be one) has yet to emerge from the informe chaos or welter of musings and just-begun conversations.  As I add some explanations for my categories (which are, I admit, not the usual), I will mention them here.

You might begin with a description of the Rose and Phoenix Inn’s location and general sources of conversation: The Inn at the Crossroads.

Mythopoeia explains the nature of the Inn and the heart of my interests here; The City, what I am trying to do.

Walking the Plank and Sprezzatura explain some of my views on how I am trying to do it.

Derring-Do For Beginners is the beginning of my explanations of my somewhat idiosyncratic categories.

Quite soon I will provide a list of some of the books that are helping me on the way, and then a list of some of the practical tools this mythopoeic innkeeper is working on. Like many good things, this page (and this Inn) is a work under construction.


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