Fantasy Giveaway

Well, some of my seeds are sprouting–tomatillos first, then the Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, Fairy Tale eggplant, gilia, and even a few artichokes and cardoons. I’m pretty excited about the cardoons, to be honest. So far five out of twelve have sprouted; I’ve moved four from the little peat pellets I started them in into larger 2 by 2 pots, because they appear to send down a substantial taproot very soon.

This is spring: strong sun and cold wind, snow on the ground and ice on the trees, seeds sprouting indoors and the first pussy willows down by the stream. Life is pretty good, actually, even if I had the fire lit all day yesterday–though that, too, is pretty good. I love having a hearth in the centre of my home.

I am participating in a giveaway with a bunch of other fantasy authors. The winner will receive a Kindle Fire and thirty ebooks, of which my Stargazy Pie is one. If you are not the winner, well, you will have the opportunity to discover a bunch of new books and their authors, and possibly join a newsletter or two (or thirty!). Click here or on the image for the link.

Giveaway ends on the 2nd of April 2016, and is open to residents of most countries, including Canada. (I did check!)


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