H is for … Harbut Zalarin (and other minor characters)

It turns out I don’t have any major characters whose names start with the letter H. No places, either. And unlike B, I don’t even have a story with a title starting with H.

Harbut Zalarin, whose tower is the one Fitzroy leaves, and who has three mirrors … that’s all I know about him. He was a wizard from long ago, of the sort who left enchanted things behind him. The Three Mirrors of Harbut Zalarin is my working title for the story that will deal with the dissolution of the Red Company. That’s about it.

Hazel Isling is an actress who plays Ophelia in the production of Hamlet in which Raphael is playing Hamlet in Till Human Voices Wake Us. She’s a fairly ordinary sort of woman; she may have a story yet to be written, but I haven’t uncovered it yet. I think she may eventually marry an organic farmer in the neighbourhood of Stratford-upon-Avon (where she’s from) … but then again she might.

Harktree is a university with a press; Mr. Greenwing shelves some books from it at one point in Stargazy Pie.

Haraquala is the Lady of Colhélhé, one of my worlds.

Hal is Jemis Greenwing’s best friend besides Mr. Dart, but he’s only just becoming a major character as I work on Whiskeyjack (the second of the Greenwing and Dart books).

And … you get the idea. Minor characters. Minor places. People who may or may not play important roles as the stories develop. Clearly I have room for more characters with names starting with B and H. (And N, as I already know from planning future posts. And W …)

Oddly enough, I do have something for I tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “H is for … Harbut Zalarin (and other minor characters)

  1. My minor characters often play a big role in the story. Their lives may be cut short, bu they are memorable and do amazing things while alive.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Co-host
    Twitter: @StephenTremp


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