G is for Greenwing and Dart

Mr. Jemis Greenwing and Mr. Perry Dart are the two main characters in my new series, Greenwing and Dart. I started writing them intending to do some mystery/fantasy novellas, but I’m not much of a novella writer and the stories have grown to be a novel series. The first one, Stargazy Pie, will be coming out some time this spring.

(Or early summer, for those of you where spring has already sprung. We still have over two feet of snow on the ground on average, with some places–my front yard, for instance–having closer to six. Feet. We don’t dare expect spring until May. Although the birds are singing spring songs, the geese are starting to arrive, and I saw two rather sad-looking great blue herons hunched on the ice of the nearby estuary yesterday.)

Anyhow, Stargazy Pie is set on the world of Alinor some time after the Fall of Astandalas. The country, Rondé, is something like a northern European country in the late 18th or early 19th century, with inequalities and revolutions fermenting, technological innovations brewing, and magic out of fashion but still definitely something to be reckoned with.  The story begins with Mr. Greenwing’s return from university after a walking tour of the region. Ragnor Bella is his home town, and although he quite likes it, that sentiment is not generally reciprocated. His father was a noted military hero subsequently disgraced, his mother died some years ago, his stepfather unexpectedly passed away earlier in the summer (so unexpectedly Jemis missed his funeral, to general disapprobation), and the end of his university career was not quite as glorious as his earlier achievements suggest. He is trying hard to be grateful to his stepmother for arranging a job at the local bookstore for him so that he can make good use of being forced to stay in town until his stepfather’s will goes through the local equivalent of probate.

Mr. Dart, on the other hand, is trying very hard to settle in as his brother’s land agent and to introduce some of the specialties he discovered while away at university himself. He is rather bored with genteel society, and delighted when Mr. Greenwing returns, especially since he recently discovered evidence of what he takes to be a very silly secret society, and wants someone to go with him to spy on their next meeting.

No one expects there to be a real cult.


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