A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Coming Up

These are last year's crocus. But they are there, waiting, under five feet of snow. I have faith in the coming of spring.

These are last year’s crocus. But they are there, waiting, under five feet of snow. I have faith in the coming of spring.

I’ve been thinking about blogging more without having had too much to say–outside has been almost entirely snow, snow, snowshoeing on six feet of snow at what is theoretically a beach, snow days, and watching birds in the snow. I’ve also been reading, working, and doing some writing, none of which I really felt like sharing. I’m trying to get Stargazy Pie finished revisions by the end of the month, with the intention of (a) publishing it by the end of April and (b) participating in Camp Nanowrimo to finish the draft of the second Greenwing & Dart novel, Whiskeyjack, and didn’t want to launch into any blogging scheme–those who have been reading along will probably remember that I’m not very good at blogging schemes. They tend to fall by the wayside when I have other work to do.

Then I remembered today about the A-to-Z Challenge, which I participated in last April and really enjoyed. (If you want to read those posts again–and why not?–you can start here.) Doing it on top of trying to draft a novel seems a bit excessive, but since–given the sheer amount of snow currently on the ground–I’m not too likely to be doing any gardening, I thought I might give it a shot. I also thought I might think about my topic in advance, rather than just writing about whatever comes to mind as I did last year, and … well, I almost immediately thought about doing a story-related topic.

So I think I might write about people, places, and things from my story universe. Some of them will be old, some new, some familiar from Till Human Voices Wake Us or my short stories, and some I will have to make up as I go (I don’t think I’ve got anything for Q or X at the moment, though there is a university called Quance mentioned in passing in the notes to Whiskeyjack …)

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about, beyond the snow. I’m having problems with my camera so I haven’t taken any pictures of the Bohemian waxwings eating crabapples from the tree in the front yard, but they’ve been there all week, even in the midst of major blizzards.

How I’m longing for spring to come. I need to write a story about some brilliant May day rather than keep stuck in the autumnal rains of Stargazy Pie. Perhaps I need to work on “Avon-under-the-Hill,” which is the sequel to “Inkebarrow” and is set entirely within Fairyland, and largely within an idealized English spring. Hmm.


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