Plans for the Next Little While

It’s that time of year … I’ve been making Christmas puddings! (Again.) Together with writing, finishing up gardening work, thinking a bit about Dante, working at a bookstore, and I’ve also been looking for properties … the One Day House is proving somewhat elusive, but not so much so that I despair of finding an affordable property that has what I desire. The price range is really the difficulty at the moment … which brings me to my plans.

For the next few months, I am going to try to publish one title a week.

I know, this is crazy! You’re probably sitting there thinking, But Victoria, you’ve not even been keeping up with your blog! How on earth do you expect that to happen?

Well … with a huge amount of work, to be honest. Some smart planning, hopefully some good responses from readers, and, yeah, a lot of focus, time, and effort.

I keep asking myself, am I hungry enough to make this happen? And the answer is … yes, I think I am. I don’t think I can sustain this pace for a long time–some people do, but I’m not sure if I’m one of them–but I know I can work harder than I have been, I know that I’ve got enough stories to tell, and I know that I really, really, really want to be in my own place so that come the springtime when I need a break I will have my own land to work.

So … my plans. I don’t intend to write and publish one new thing each week–or at least not in the same week, since I usually need more of a lag between writing and editing than that. However, I do have a handful of short stories that are finished and just need covers, and about a dozen more short stories in various states of completion. Some of those will be collected together into volumes, both for the purposes of having print forms of them and for better pricing models–I think I, like many people, would be more inclined to get a collection of short stories for a good deal than buy them individually. (Though you are, of course, very welcome to buy them individually too!) Then I have the new novel series I have been working on, plus the 3/4 finished novel from a year ago that I’ve been letting sit while I work on other aspects of my craft.

I’m also planning on doing more with my blog, because I’ve missed writing it and the opportunities to interact with people. Having just done two lectures on Dante, one of which drew heavily on my analysis of the first few lines of the Comedy, I’m all excited about going back to that project and working on my slow line-by-line commentary. I think I’ll try doing that once a month or so. Otherwise posting will probably continue to be somewhat irregular but I’ll do my best to come up with some interesting things to write about–I’ve been thinking I might do some discussions of my favourite books, and also perhaps start doing some interviews with other authors or otherwise interesting people doing interesting things, because I think that would be fun, too.

There you go. That’s my plan for the next few months. First up this week will ‘Blue Moon over Pincher Creek,’ which has been free for so long I imagine most of my audience here has taken a look at it! I’m trying to decide what to do about the monthly free fiction … perhaps I’ll try putting up things for a week before I publish them? Or excerpts from the novels? I am trying to make a living from my writing … but I also do believe in sharing. Any thoughts on that from you, dear readers?


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