Mixed Sun and Cloud, with Chance of a Hurricane


That’s the forecast for this weekend! And the Guardian, Prince Edward Island’s local paper (“it covers the island like the dew”) has a story about a woman who lost her pet rabbit as one of the front page stories.

PEI is a small place, and it seems very open, geographically, as you drive around: the roads were laid out by a surveyor in the late 18th or early 19th century, and tend to run in long straight(ish) slants. Not Prairie-straight, but straight enough. As you drive along the parallel roads you get the feeling that the land is rolling, gentle, and for the most part open–sometimes full of potato fields, other times wooded with a mixture of plantations and young Acadian forest.

I am moving towards the One Day House! Moving to PEI was step #1 in that direction; finding a desirable property in my price range requires a bit of patience, but I’ve been looking at enough ‘almosts’ to be sure I’ll get there eventually. As I’ve been driving around looking at properties, I keep discovering little hidden roads and portions of the island. Down this one there’s a farm tucked beside a river, full of geese and ducks; down that one, a heritage road (basically the Anne of Green Gables type of road, build before the long straight numbered ones, which the province does not maintain in the winter); down this, a view of the sea; down that, where all the Hippies went. I often go driving with my dad, who has explored a great deal of the island; one of my goals as navigator is always to find a road he hasn’t yet been down. It’s a good challenge.

Marker Buoy

Otherwise, I am sending my new story (Stargazy Pie, the one I started in July) off to my first readers either today or tomorrow–I just have to finish entering in my round of edits into the document. I’ve already started work on the second one in that new series, Whiskeyjack. But I do have some gardening work to finish up this week, and two lectures on Dante’s Inferno to write, which I’ll probably post on here once I’ve delivered the lectures, since I have been so frightfully slow at working on my Dante project. (Or anything except my new writing, actually.)

That’s me! Enjoying a slow and beautiful autumn, and wondering whether the hurricane will hit us or Newfoundland after it pummels Bermuda.

This is actually from August, but the weather's been so fine it could have been from October!


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