Ebook Sale!

I’ve made several resolutions for October:1. Finish writing Stargazy Pie.

2. Draft Whiskeyjack, the sequel to Stargazy Pie.

3. Work on covers for Stargazy Pie, Whiskeyjack, and Rhubarb Fool (the third in the series).

4. Write blog posts. 🙂


Although I’ve started a few blog posts, and will eventually finish them, I’ve not been great over the last two months. So, to remedy that, for those of you who haven’t bought an ebook copy of Till Human Voices Wake Us and would like to — it’s currently on sale for $0.99 and will continue to be so until the 6th of October. Available from: Kobo, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca (and the other Amazons), iTunes, and Smashwords. The print version is not on sale, but it is available through Amazon.ca as well as Amazon.com now!

I’m going to launch Stargazy Pie (and sequels) differently … but I think I’ll discuss my strategies and ideas another time, so that this blog post, at least, actually gets finished, posted, and so on!


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