Novel-in-a-Month Update: End of the Month Results

Stargazy Pie stars thumbnail 14.vii.2014Well.

If you’ve been reading along with me for a while, you’ll already know that I gave up on doing a daily recap of my writing challenge results. This isn’t because I wasn’t writing — far from it! — but that I got bored with writing about the process. I’m just not all that cut out to fascinating descriptions of my writing process, I guess. It’s like when I talk to a friend or family member about the days I spent just writing: very happy ones, full of excitement, incident, events — and what can I say? “I spent all day writing and I went for a walk.”

Writing is one of those activities where it’s more fun to do it than talk about it. I mean, I enjoy talking about my stories a huge amount — and I suppose my blog is a place where I could do just that — but it tends to be something I talk about with specific people, or those unwary fortunates who catch me at a moment where my head is full of ideas and puzzles and I feel the strong need to talk my way through them.

In those sort of interactions, you get a conversation like this:

“Hi, Victoria, how’s the writing going?”‘

“Well, I was a bit stuck with where my characters were going, so I set a house on fire, and now there’s a mermaid. But this world isn’t supposed to have mermaids, and now I also need to figure out what to do about that cult. My conclusion works for the mermaid, but not the cult. Unless — oh, I wonder — but no. That won’t work because the herring have to come from the north coast …”

“Oh. Shall I leave you to that, then?”

“What do you think is a weird thing to study? This world, everyone goes to university, but it’s totally divorced from any practical application. I had my main character studying History of Magic and Classical Shaian Literature, but now I need him to have done something other than History of Magic.”

“Uh …”

I imagine this is a lot more interesting than “I wrote 3427 words today!” — and hopefully the book itself will be significantly more interesting than the baffling conversations of the work-in-process, as well as significantly more comprehensible.

Anyhow, I haven’t quite finished the book, but I’ve got the finish line in my sights and am barrelling towards it. I’ve written over 65,000 words, and I think I should be done in the next 10,000 or so — depends on how the climax plays out. I would have been done, I’m pretty sure, except for being distracted a couple of weekends ago by a short story that demanded to be told. It’s not coming out tomorrow (sorry), since I decided to submit it to a paying market first, but it was a lot of fun — though the 12,000 words of it and 10,000 of a sequel short story that I wrote in three days did mean a slight delay in Stargazy Pie.

Still, I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve written this month — and also with the story itself!


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