Till Human Voices Wake Us is NOW AVAILABLE!

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I think I started writing this book sixteen years ago. Maybe even seventeen. I have a synthetic imagination; almost all my stories are interlinked, and so it’s hard to say when exactly I started what would eventually become this world, these characters, this story. It’s changed considerably since that beginning, but a few things have remained — that it’s a retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and one of the central images, the story behind which demanded to be told. And so, after many twists and turns, changes and developments, rewrites and revisions, major character, plot, setting, and time-frame changes … I present to you my first novel.

Till Human Voices Wake Us is available in a trade paperback edition from CreateSpace, Amazon.com, and the European Amazon stores (.fr, .de, and .it). As an ebook, it is available from all the Amazon stores (including Amazon.ca), as well as Kobo, Smashwords, and Xinxii. It is still working its way through the process at iTunes, but you can get the epub edition from the other vendors.

I would never have thought, sixteen or seventeen years ago, that I would be publishing this book myself. It’s had a few title changes over the years — The Surreptitious Pomegranate was the first, and Plato’s Swan the longest-lasting — some of you will know it by those. If you’ve heard me mutter about my story any time but the last year or so (and often during the course of the last year, too), it was this one. I am delighted beyond measure to finally have the nerve and the opportunity to share it with you.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.


6 thoughts on “Till Human Voices Wake Us is NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. Hi Victoria, this is Steffany’s sister, Kim. I just finished your book, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. It always takes me a little while to digest a book as rich as yours and articulate something intelligent about it. But I very much enjoyed the complex layering and the way the story slowly unfolded and revealed itself to you. I ended it with a deep feeling of satisfaction, even of catharsis. Although I am sad that I have not yet gotten to read the riot scene, which Steffany promises to dig out for me. I remember one time when I was visiting in Toronto, and was out to dinner with a group at an Indian restaurant, and you asking the group what should be in the riot scene for your story!


  2. How nice to hear from you, Kim! Thank you so much for taking the time to write in to me — it means a lot. And I’m very glad you enjoyed the book; you seem to have had exactly the response to the ending that I was hoping to achieve, so that’s wonderful to hear.

    I remember that Indian restaurant supper, but I’d totally forgotten about the riot scene — I can’t even remember why (or where) I wanted to include it. (Maybe Steffany can send it along to me, too, as I’m not sure I’ve still got it…) I do have some riot scenes in an upcoming story, however, so you’ll get one eventually!


  3. I will certainly tell Steffany that you want a copy of the riot scene too, and maybe that will make her look harder for it. From the way she described it to me, I can’t see it fitting into the final form of the book, but she said it was a fun story and that everyone loves Kasian, so I’ll keep at her to dig it out. I read the three short stories you’ve published yesterday as well, and very much enjoyed the glimpses of how Raphael’s friends came to be in his life. I especially liked Scheherezade – that was very powerful, and lets one see the story in quite a new light.


  4. Oh, that riot scene! Now I remember — yes, it was Kasian starting a riot with pirates in Ixsaa. I do have it somewhere, so I can find it if Steffany can’t. I do intend to write a novella of some sort expanding on how Kasian came to arrive when he did — though I think that particular riot might have to wait another story or two before it comes to be given the new time-line of events.

    And thank you for the short stories. There will be a few more with them to come …


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