Stargazy Pie Day 14 and Other Updates

Well, instead of writing blog posts I’ve been playing around with a cover for Stargazy Pie — and here it is:


Stargazy Pie stars thumbnail 14.vii.2014

It’s not perfect, but it’s something to aim towards. I’m not sure it properly conveys that it’s a secondary-world fantasy — I suspect it looks too historical as it stands. I’m not sure how best to convey that part of the setting via the cover, but I’ll keep working on it.

In other news, I am somewhere around 36,400 words into the novel, and that’s without doing any writing towards it today. And why haven’t I worked on it today, you might ask, given that it’s a rainy day here in Halifax and therefore not gardening weather?

Well! It’s because I’ve spent several hours trying to negotiate the mysteries of publishing on iTunes and Google Play. I believe I have successfully done so now, and that Till Human Voices Wake Us (and my three related short stories) will be available from those vendors tomorrow. Tomorrow! The print version is now live on CreateSpace, and should filter through to Amazon very soon … I will let you know for certain once it’s available, and provide the links. I should be delighted if you were to buy it. 🙂


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