Stargazy Pie: Day 7

I need to devise a cover for Stargazy Pie, or at least a mock-up, don’t you think? I have some ideas in mind, but haven’t been able to translate them into visual form yet. Most of my ideas, curiously enough, relate far more to the cozy mystery genre than to the fantasy end of things. The cover, ideally, should convey both, but since magic (or the disappearance thereof) is a major element in the story, that should predominate.

I wrote a goodly amount today in between finishing up my proof-reading (and entering in of the changes noted, which took almost as long) of Till Human Voices Wake Us, so Stargazy Pie is now at 20,588 words in length and Human Voices is once again working its way through the printer’s review process. I will order one further proof, to see what the cover looks like with the glossy option and make sure I haven’t done anything foolish with my changes, and in the meantime finish my ebook formatting, and the book should be ready to go for the 15th of July.

And that was my writing day today. Hope yours were as pleasant and productive, whatever you were doing in them.


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