Novel in a Month Challenge: Day 2

Just remembered I hadn’t written a post about today’s efforts — and who wants to break a streak on the second day? Not I, if I can help it. I finished most of my plotting today, although my climax will need more fleshing out once I decide on a few details of who is present and what the precise dangers are, but otherwise, I have settled on approximately 22 chapters and know what is going on in them — and I’ve populated Ragnor Bella with a pleasing array of characters. I do need a few more from the lower echelons of society, though I expect they won’t play much of a role in this book.

I also did some writing: 2257 words of actual text, including the opening and a stab at the conclusion. Usually I don’t write out of order, but, well, I’m trying new things with this book, so why not? ‘

I also took a stab at writing a back copy blurb (which also will change, I expect; I’ve never tried writing one at this stage before):

Stargazy Pie

Seven years after the fall of the Empire of Astandalas, magic is well out of fashion in the duchy of Fiellan. In the small town of Ragnor Bella, so are first names. Mr. Greenfield is back from university with a degree in theoretical clairvoyancy and no money: a job at Elderflower Books, run by his mother’s good friend, is not exactly his heart’s desire, but he can’t say no to the prospect of wages.

On his way back from getting elevenses at the bakery one dismal autumn day, Mr. Greenfield discovers a fish pie abandoned in the town square. Since this is about the most interesting thing to have happened since he came home, he’s happy enough to humour his employer, Mrs. Etaris, in investigating the little mystery of where it came from.

Two secret societies, a curse, a cult, and six red herrings later, he’s beginning to wish he’d taken that course in practical magic after all …


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