Novel in a Month Challenge: Day 1

Taking a Plunge

That may not be the best title for these posts. Dean Wesley Smith calls his “Writing in Public,” which I like; apparently his is after Harlan Ellison, who used to write short stories on a typewriter in a store window.This sounds both apocryphal and delightful, but I haven’t looked up the source for the story and will just take pleasure in it.

Anyhow: my report. I sat down to work on my plotting out Stargazy Pie, and in the process of looking through my notebooks for the notes I’m sure I’ve made towards it I found the next chunk of “Avon-under-the-Hill.” Having left poor Will running away from a malicious peacock and a sinister fairy lord, I decided to get him a little farther into Fairyland, and into trouble. He’s now picked up a dog, and, well, landed on a ship piloted by badgers.

I should note that not all of this may make it into the final version. The story as it stands at the moment is perhaps a trifle silly. Not very dignified for the Bard. (But here’s a man who wrote Much Ado about Nothing and Antony and Cleopatra …)

Anyhow, after going for a walk and admiring Canada Day festival-goers in their scarlet and white, and wilting a little in the heat, I came back with a glad heart to Stargazy Pie and spent a good few hours inventing characters major and minor and contemplating the politics and society of the small town of Ragnor Bella, Fiellan, which is where the story is set. I also plotted out a good portion of the story … so although I didn’t actually write anything of it, it’s taking shape in my mind. I will report back tomorrow on what comes of the day’s work.

Happy Canada Day to those fellow Canadians out there! I think the fireworks have just started here in Halifax …


One thought on “Novel in a Month Challenge: Day 1

  1. Looks as if you are on track! Canada Day is a good choice to start. Your self discipline is much in evidence. I shall continue to check in and follow your progress.


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