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Well, pretty close to it. My debut novel is inching through the pre-publication process, and is now very nearly to the proof-reading stage. It’s been copyedited, I’ve conquered InDesign to the point of what I believe is a satisfactory lay-out — although the proofing process will almost certainly reveal a couple of things I need to change — and I’ve got a cover.


InDesign has a steep learning curve, but I’m beginning to get the hang of it. Not to the point of not making stupid mistakes — I thought I’d finished my layout on Friday, only to discover on Saturday morning that despite changing the ‘paper size’ to 6 by 9 (my Golden-Mean-derived book size), the actual measurements were still 8.5 by 11. I didn’t realise this because it was listed in a special measurement, whose name I have yet to learn (‘po’) and I haven’t yet learned how centimetres and inches relate to it.

So, since I’d spent a good deal of time on Friday going through each and every paragraph to make sure the hyphenation worked properly, changing the margins properly meant that I had to go back through that whole process again. Still, it went a lot quicker the second time, since I’d figured out what to do, and I also caught one more error — ‘form’ for ‘from’ — so that was something.

Now I have just to see how it looks in the physical copy. This is the proof-reading process, the final step before actual publication … although, as this is my first time through that process, I expect I might have a second round of proofing after I’ve  made any changes that seem necessary. I’m not entirely convinced that my efforts with GIMP are going to be sufficient for my cover, although I am hopeful they will be. I now have Photoshop and Illustrator, the two Adobe products that I believe are what people usually use, but my brief investigations into them made it clear they have at least as steep a learning curve as InDesign (or, indeed, GIMP itself). I’ll work on them for the next novel …

All in all, I’ve been very busy with work and with getting Till Human Voices Wake Us laid out properly. I haven’t set it up for pre-ordering (yet — that may wait till my next book, too) but it should be ready to go in the next few weeks.

Which is pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. I have a bunch of paid work I need to get done this week, so looking at the physical incarnation of my novel will have to be my reward for finishing that … a motivator for myself if ever there was one!


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