The end of the month

I’m a little disappointed in myself for not having anything really cool to end my A-to-Z blog challenge with — just a little curiosity about why zed is at the end of the alphabet, given that zeta is up near the beginning (sixth or seventh, depending on alphabet — Greek, Phoenician, Etruscan). I did a small amount of very basic research, and it appears that this is because zeta was removed from the Roman alphabet as unnecessary, then added back in at a later date for use with Greek loan words. When added in, it was placed at the end rather than its old position near the top.

There you go. Zed, last letter of the alphabet.

Thanks for joining me for this challenge — I will be continuing to post quite frequently, though probably not daily! I’ve been enjoying writing on random topics; it’s interesting to see what has emerged as preoccupations. I want to focus more on fiction this next month — reading more and also writing more. My novel-in-progress has been languishing the last couple of weeks, and I really want to get on with it. I also intend to get on with my analysis of the Divine Comedy … there’s a lot of exciting ground to cover there!


4 thoughts on “Zed

  1. Thank you! Q and Z nearly did me in — but however short they were, I did manage to write something for every day. (It wasn’t the letters, it was the time.)

    I’m really pleased at the people I’ve discovered, too. Though I haven’t been quite as active at going through the list this last, er, fortnight or so, so I intend to keep visiting new blogs from the list.


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