V is for Victoria

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(That’s me.)

While there are a lot of words that start with V that I could write about — Vegetables, Virtues (and Vices), Victory Gardens, Values … and so forth … I decided that I didn’t feel like writing about any of them. A while ago I read on someone’s blog a challenge to write thirty things about themselves that other people wouldn’t know. I quite enjoyed reading it, and thought I’d do something similar. Not thirty things, though; just five. And if you know me well you quite probably already know these things. But anyway, here goes:

1. The strangest (and without a doubt most disgusting) food I have ever eaten is fermented walrus. Yes, really.

2. I have a rock that I have had since I was six years old. This probably doesn’t seem particularly impressive until you realise that this means I have moved it (and it’s not a small rock, either; it’s about the size of a coconut) to seven different houses, in three provinces and a territory. I used to have a piece of sod I took with me across from Saskatchewan, to Alberta, to Nova Scotia, whereupon my mother (justifiably, though to my annoyance at the time) threw it out. I used it to make a little diorama with sticks and stones and feathers and things. The other rock is currently together in a haphazard collection with my dad’s rocks.

3. I have lived in the following places: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario; Goroka, Papua New Guinea; Black Lake, Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Shields (near Dundurn, near-ish to Saskatoon), Saskatchewan (this is where the rock came from); Pangnirtung, then the Northwest Territories, now Nunavut; La Ronge, Saskatchewan; Edmonton, Alberta; Ballantine’s Cove (Antigonish County), Nova Scotia; Maryvale (a different part of Antigonish County), Nova Scotia; two different houses in Calgary, Alberta; Ottawa, Ontario; Edinburgh, Scotland; two different places in Toronto, Ontario; Poitiers, France; Berlin, Germany; Florence, Italy; two different houses in Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Charlottetown, PEI.

4. The first book I remember reading myself is one of the Frog and Toad books. I was quite pleased when a friend of mine with small children mentioned that he was reading them to his son. The first adult book I remember reading is The Lord of the Rings. My favourite children’s book, though, is Make Way for Ducklings.

5. I still regret not buying a copy of The Odyssey in Dutch I found once in a used-book stall in Amsterdam. I don’t read Dutch and don’t really intend ever to learn it, which is why I didn’t buy the book, but there is something about it that spoke to me. (I do own Winnie the Pooh in Dutch, though I’m pretty sure it didn’t cost me more than a dollar or two, as I don’t spend a lot of money on books I can’t read.) Buying books in languages I do read, or seriously intend to learn, makes sense; this is why I have grammars of ancient Assyrian (I want to read Gilgamesh) and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Others … no idea.

There you go. Five random facts about myself. Feel free to share something about you in the comments!


7 thoughts on “V is for Victoria

  1. I remember staying with your family near Saskatoon and climbing to the top of a ski slope. We also visited a army camp to go swimming and I drove my first automatic left hand drive then.Doubt you made double figures in age. I was 18, now 46!!


  2. This was so much fun to read and learn about you! So, something about me to share? Well, how about whenever I’m in the midst of needing to make a decision or am worried about something, I find a feather in my path which to me is confirmation that either Spirit is with me or that I made the right decision. It never fails and is so comforting. I’m curious what drew you to the rock when you were six and what’s keeping you attracted to it now?


  3. Well, the rock was in the shape of a polar bear’s head (to my mind), and I was a bit sad about moving and it seemed a way to take a bit of the place with me. I was six so that’s all I really remember. It has basically the same attraction now, together with the fact that I find it a bit hilarious that I’ve kept it so long.

    I’ve always liked rocks, though. I carried a couple pebbles all the way across England with me, and made sure to pick up some from the beach on the south side — it’s just one of those things.


  4. My rule is that I have to have lived there for at least two months, though Florence is stretching that a bit (it was closer to six weeks. But it was Florence…). Most of them were longer, of course. Though not that long! The thought of being in one place for years and years is both very alluring and occasionally terrifying. Mostly alluring.


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