Q is for Questions

I’m going to be lazy today — as well as very late!

Q is for questions and queries. They are the core of any story: what happens next? Who is that person? What just happened there? These are the questions we ask reading, and also the ones I ask writing. — Both of these things can happen consciously, or at a more subterranean level where the excitement of figuring out why someone has just fallen out of the sky onto someone else, and what both people will do next, carries you through quite a bit of other questions. (Where are they? On a boat crossing a river. Why? Ah; that’s the story. It’s called The Coming of Fitzroy Angursell and is my current novel in progress.)

I don’t think there are very many bad questions, just bad ways of asking them. (Usually this revolves around not actually wanting to know the answer, deliberately being provocative for no good end, and so forth.) So: I ask you:

Any questions for me? Any general philosophical questions you just feel like airing? Any riddles or jokes or rhetorical flourishes you enjoy? Please share! And whether you are celebrating Easter or no, I do hope you have a nice weekend.




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