O is for the One Day House

I totally forgot I was writing this because of being severely distracted by a name-the-countries-of-the-world quiz. After taking it several times I’ve improved … but I keep missing some.* Time to take a break and think about my place in the world instead.

Unlike the name of my blog, I don’t think the name I have for my future small holding holds any great mysteries — except one. One day, I said last night to a friend while petting her great bear of a dog, one day I’ll have a dog of my own. (Or several.)

One day I’ll plant walnuts and pecans, hazelnuts and cherries, kiwis and roses, and every type of iris and spring bulb I can find.

One day I’ll have a root cellar, and a pantry big enough to feed thirteen dwarves and a wizard, should they unexpectedly arrive for tea.

One day I’ll have a greenhouse and cold frames to play with, and a workshop where I can make stained glass windows and lanterns and cloches.

One day I’ll have a place where I can learn archery, and fulfill some of the dreams of my childhood self playing Robin Hood.

One day I’ll be collecting eggs from my own chickens, making cheese from the milk of my own cow.

One day.

No mystery why I call it the One Day House. Except —

Here I stand, in the now, the crossroads of the past and the future. I don’t want the One Day House to be always in the future; I want that one day to be today. There are some things I cannot do right now: I cannot have a dog, I do not have room for an archery butt (I don’t even have room for my dartboard!), for a chicken coop, for a beehive, for a cow. All these things need to wait, for their time and their season; even once I live in the One Day House, there will be the times for planting, and the times for harvesting, the season for asparagus, and the season for corn. I yearn for that.

In the meantime, I read books and I’m starting, with little cat steps (like the fog in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock) to build those skills. I can figure out where I would buy hardy pecan trees and stone pines, I can try to make cheese even in my shared accommodation, I can write my way home.


*After some more distractions (like getting some work done elsewhere…), I managed to get a perfect score! That’s why this is late today.



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