D is for … Drawing

Inkebarrow Swan

It was going to be Dante but I’m running late this morning! And also I felt that perhaps I shouldn’t subject my readership to yet another long screed. Plus, this way I can do “I for Inferno.”

One of the things that has surprised me about my decision to publish my work myself has been the fact that it has brought me back to drawing and the visual arts. I took art classes (watercolours) at a community course when I was in high school, and stained glass later on, and I have intermittently drawn or painted between other things. Over the last few years, though, I hadn’t been doing much at all.

Then I decided I was serious about indie publishing, and came up against the need for covers.

I happen to prefer illustrated covers to ones made with photographs. I also like graphically strong covers — solid colours, cool typography, that sort of thing. I am not naturally strong at bold and simple — not in speech, not in writing, not in drawing lines. However, I want to be!

So I have been practising drawing. Admittedly my lamp for “Scheherezade” looks rather like a teapot (my earlier effort, based on a much more period-appropriate artifact, I found less successful as a cover), but, you know, I like it. I’ll get better. And the beauty of self-publishing is that I can change the covers when I want — if these don’t seem to be working, or I discover an amazing artist (whose work I can afford), or I just get a better idea — then I can go for it.

In the mean time, I am playing around with drawing and with graphics programmes, and also thinking about using the covers for note cards. (Without the titles.) And, you know, having fun with another art form, which makes me think and look in different ways. It’s fun.



12 thoughts on “D is for … Drawing

  1. Now, that’s an interesting question … and one that requires a bit of thought. I have a theory about the Japanese principle of “borrowing the landscape” as it relates to literary influence … though that’s not drawing but garden design!

    Thanks for coming by, and for the thought-provoking question. I’ll see where I can fit it in.


  2. I’m more the bold line type, but it’s been a while since I picked up a pencil, or chalk for that matter. Oh I miss it, and maybe one day there will be time to take it up again, after the kids are out of the house. One day.


  3. How old are your children? Because I have very fond memories of arts and crafts with my mum … even if we all make fun (every year!) of how much our fingers hurt from making Christmas ornaments out of sequins and push-pins. I’m not sure how much creative satisfaction she got out of the activities, but I sure liked doing them.


  4. This is lovely Victoria thank you! Such a creative thing to do! I’m envious -. It’s amazing how one creative idea leads to another – as in from your lamp to now also include note cards. I love hand crafted cards and will always buy them instead of store ones ..
    Garden of Eden Blog


  5. I love to draw, but don’t have near the time now that I had before I took up writing. I do all my own book covers though because I can picture in my head what I see there and it’s hard to get another person to see my “vision.” And as you say, it’s way too expensive to hire anyone.

    I’m not very good with drawing on the computer, but I’m practicing on my Intuos tablet. You might want to try that. The pen becomes the mouse and is much easier to draw with it when you’re used to pencil on paper.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  6. Hi Sunni. Thanks for visiting mine!

    I just got an Intuos tablet yesterday, as it happens. I have to work out a few kinks but I can see that it will be really useful once I do. I’m very new to the digital side of art and have a lot to learn.


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