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I’ve been hemming and hawing about when to post this, because it’s not quite done . . . but I thought I might as well get some feedback from my delightful readers. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been getting myself sorted for some indie publishing — that’s the nifty new name for self publishing in the 21st century, when it doesn’t mean “vanity publishing” but rather something more like “artisan publishing.” That is, it’s about creation, control, and the sheer joy of making things out of nothing. On the other hand, some projects work better in the traditional forms.

Since the kind of fantasy I write is not very trendy, nor do I find it very easy to categorise, except by calling it “literary fantasy” — which is to say, language and character development are major parts of the story for me — I decided my first novel, Till Human Voices Wake Us, was a good option for indie publishing. I’m not sure I’d bet $100,000 on it if I were a traditional publisher, either. (And, er, though a couple have said nice things about my writing, they declined the honour, so I feel I’m correct in this estimation.) This is not to say I don’t think it has a readership — it just may not be a very big one, and will probably take a while to forgather. I expect my next novel, about a passel of dashing proto-folk heroes, will be rather more widely appreciated.

Those of you who read this blog may or may not be interested in fantasy of any sort. If you are, I can tell you that I am aiming towards the Patricia McKillip, Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis, and Robin McKinley end of the spectrum. I basically want to be a writer like Dorothy L. Sayers, but fantasy. (It’s a high goal . . . but those are more fun.)

If you don’t read fantasy, I’ll be publishing a short story about Scheherezade over on my new author website on the 1st of April and you can get a sense of my style. I’m told by those who have read my fiction that my voice is fairly consistent, so if you like my prose on this blog you might well like my fiction as well. And if you do . . . well, you can sign up for new release notifications here! (Though naturally I will also mention forthcoming works here too.) And if you happen to know someone else who likes fantasy, particularly the kind of books that get listed for the Mythopoeic Awards, well, invite them to take a peek.

I don’t have a release date quite yet, but I expect it’ll be in May. I’ll be sure to let you know. Before then, look for “Scheherezade” next week, and some other short stories to follow.

Without further fanfare, my cover — oh, and why not, my effort at a back copy blurb as well. Comments on either are appreciated — I can still change things!

Human Voices Cover

Behind the corners of our world, there is magic.

As the Lord of Ysthar, Raphael is responsible for it.

An honest man, his lies are legion. An infamous recluse, his social circle includes Scheherezade, Shakespeare, and the Crown Prince of Faerie. He is a great mage to his enemies, a movie star to strangers, and a hundred pseudonymous half-lives to history. He is dutifully trying to prevent the end of the world when his long-lost twin brother Kasian gate-crashes his life.

Raphael is prepared to sacrifice his soul, his reputation, and his crown to save his beloved Ysthar. Saving himself is another matter entirely.

There is magic. It’s not enough.


6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!

  1. Hello Victoria….your latest blog was unfortunately very mixed up and encrypted in places! I don’t know what went wrong. I have been following all you journeys in the UK and thoroughly enjoying them;what a lot of wonder memories you must have and great material for a book down the road? Winter in Halifax this year has been a challenge for you I am sure and this last storm quite something! I had some photo’s from your Mum of Charlottetown’ s snow…a pile again. Here in the Sault we have had our share too and would like to think Spring is on the way but not yet.Lake Superior is frozen more than usual but ice breakers have arrived to try and open up the shipping channels. Hope you are well and that you will soon have word about publishing your novel! I’ll look forward to reading your latest blog from The Rose and Phoenix soon I hope . Take care now. Barbara Johnson (Simpson Street)

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  2. Hi Barbara! I’m sorry the formatting was odd — no one else has mentioned it being wonky, so I don’t know why that would be. Possibly I had too many links in the post… I keep telling myself that all those cold weather is probably good for maple syrup makers, though I haven’t looked up any to find out if that is in fact the case! It’s supposed to be warmer here these next few days, and rain too, so that should wash away a lot of the new snow. I hope!


  3. I recognize that bird on the cover! What a great rendition. Looking forward to reading more.
    Love AA

    Alison West Armstrong, M.Ed.
    Disabilities Counsellor | Centre for Students with Disabilities
    |613-727-4723 x7063 | Algonquin College | 1385 Woodroffe Avenue | Room E310 | Ottawa | Ontario | K2G 1V8
    “Working together for accessible learning”


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