Timelines . . .

I’m really not sure how the widget algorithm (over to the left) has created a four-month timeline for my trip.  I guess I do math differently than it does; to me, there are five months between 21st January and 21st June.  Presumably they’re not including the last week of January and first three weeks of June as creating an actual month’s worth of time . . . maybe so that it can have a cool day-by-day countdown at that point?  Well, I suppose it encourages me to get going with planning things.

A friend of mine wrote a post on her blog recently about creating a giant wall calendar to plan out the year.  I haven’t quite gotten round to making this — I’m still using my wall space for the timeline of the novel I’m (slowly) finishing editing — but I’ve been using the dayplanner I received for Christmas to plan out my route.  Still, that’s forward thinking.

Most of my current timelines have to do with the next three and a half months, balancing teaching and other paid work, research (for the trip), writing (the aforementioned novel), social time, writing (this blog, which I want to do more with), writing (some academic work I’m determined to finish before I head off into the Blue), writing (some efforts to develop articles to submit in the hopes of creating something of a writing career), training (desultory as that is), and . . . planning what to do with all my stuff.

It’s exciting.

No really, it is.  Though some days I’m much better at some aspects than others, and I’m still working — as ever, it is a perennial resolution — on my daily time management.  Speaking of which, it is time to get on with Rousseau’s On the Social Contract . . .


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