Hair Styles

One of the items on my list that I have not much written about — because, to be honest, this is not a topic I find deeply interesting to write about — is the one about trying different hair styles.  Since I am now at less than a fortnight to my birthday, there are a few items I am going to push to do — the rest may have to wait for the next few months.  (One thing I have learned is the advisability of (a) starting to get things done earlier in the period set out and (b) not biting off more than I can chew in terms of goals.)

So, hair styles.  My point with this goal on my list was to be a little more inventive with my hair, which is long, brown — I tend to think of it as hair-coloured hair — and wavy, and something I usually like more than not, but treat boringly.

I ordinarily wear my hair in one of about four ways: in a braid; in a ponytail; down; in a bun.  I started off wearing it mostly in a ponytail during my undergrad, spent a fair amount of grad school with it mostly in a bun, and then tried hard to wear it down, and over the last couple of years have retreated to a braid.

I also spent a good part of the summer putting it up in one of those large claw clips, especially when it was wet.  I suppose that counts as a style.

That’s five common ways of styling it.

Occasionally I will do something a little more interesting: I will wear it in two braids, or an inverted ponytail, or a half ponytail, or an inverted half ponytail.

This gives me nine.

I can also do it up in a French braid and a braided crown, though these are really special-occasion dos and I’m not sure if I can say I’ve actually worn my hair either way this year at all.

Eleven.  Though to be fair I should make sure to do both of those styles this week.

As for the last one . . . I suppose that’s the goal for the next twelve days.  Maybe I’ll try the herringbone braid, which is supposedly easy but I haven’t got the hang of yet . . .


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