A Long Weekend’s Pleasures

I have been enjoying an absurdly long weekend, especially for November.  Friday was the midterm, and once I got my papers in and finished invigilating at 11:00 I was done for the day.  Monday was a holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day here in Nova Scotia, and then today is a non-teaching but working day.  That is often the case for me on Tuesdays, as my main work is Monday, Wednesday-Friday, but this semester I’ve been teaching an extra course that has a class on Tuesday afternoons.

I have to say I was surprised how much of a difference that extra work has made for me.  I’ve really noticed that I have been working more than full time, in the little things that I don’t have time to do: not a lot of time for writing, for reading for fun, for going for walks, for attempting to go to the gym, for cooking, for hanging out.  I know my monthly reading lists makes it look as if all I do is read, but I would like to point out that (a) about a third to half of that is reading I do for work; (b) I don’t have a television and barely even watch movies (I’ve watched four in November, three of them since Thursday); and (c), since I live alone I read when I’m eating.  And (d), I read very quickly.

Today I am getting back to work — I have a meeting at 11:30 and am going to do my readings and lecture preparations for the week, as I have another lot of papers coming in tomorrow — but I decided I got to spend one more hour this morning on my writing.  I wrote for my usual forty-five minutes of journalling, some of which was working through some knotty plot-related problems in my story revisions.  I’m writing this.  The kettle’s boiling again so I can make another cup of tea, and then I’m going to sit down and see what I can do with those revisions.

I have had such a lovely weekend.  I went for a long walk, I read, I watched the aforementioned movies, I had friends over for supper and made a few new dishes (the pear pandowdy was a hit), I slept in, I cleaned my apartment, I spoke to my family . . . I feel rested and refreshed.  Ready for work again, and sanguine even about the marking to come.  There are only three weeks left in the semester, astonishingly enough.  Well — three teaching weeks.  Then there will be oral exams and my class’s exam and marking papers galore.  But I’m ready.


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