A Walk Out of Town – List #11

Well, given how close I am to my birthday — three weeks away today — I thought I had better see what I could do about that list of things I wanted to try to do before I turned thirty.  I think it’s pretty clear I’m not going to get all of them done, particularly the one involving the busses, as I have yet to take more than three different routes in Halifax, and none of them to the end of their line.

But today I did walk all the way out of the city.  Not, I hasten to add, out of the municipality city limits, which are a longer distance than I much wanted to do in one go.  But I did get to the point where I passed under a highway and saw a sign pointing me back towards Halifax, and I think that’s close enough for my interests.

And although I didn’t technically walk all the way back in, I did walk back into the city proper by virtue of the fact that Halifax extends in fingers of city and fingers of wilderness, so I’d hit the wilderness part and then re-entered the city part in the form of the Bayers Lake Industrial Park.  I found Bayers Lake:

and also a water lily pond:

What I did was take the Chain of Lakes Trail up past Chain Lake, and on to Bayers Lake.  The trail is part of the Transcanada Trail network, and — had I gone farther — connects to the Timberlea Trail and ultimate heads off to the Head of St Margaret’s Bay and, I think, even all the way to Lunenberg.  But that’s a trail for another day!

I was planning to walk for another hour or so, but I hadn’t dressed quite warmly enough; the wind was bitterly cold and made sitting to eat my snacks and rest rather unpleasant.  Instead I covered 9.5 km in two hours, which is fast for me! — then ducked into the Lee Valley to use their washrooms (and contemplate Christmas presents …), and then, well, there was a bus stop outside, and the bus goes very close to my apartment, so after I ate my lunch on the bench on the sunny side of the building, I decided I was too clammy to enjoy walking any further, and just took the bus back home again.

What a lovely way to spend a morning, though.  If only I’d remembered it is November, and a cotton shirt was a bad idea . . .


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