Miscellaneous Graces

I have been rejoicing in many things: the cat sitting in the window of my neighbour’s house last night, on the outside of the curtains peering through the crack into the living room.  The yellow leaves of the elms against the sky.  The stars last night as I walked home with Carmina Burana still echoing in my mind’s ear.  Reading Augustine.  Talking with good friends.  Getting my hair cut at a Kosovar’s hairdressing salon and being able to say “thank you” in Albanian.  (My only word: falamendirit, certainly not spelled like that.)  Sitting down last night at last with Dante to read the Comedy again this year.

I am thankful for all of it.  I am learning, again, that I need to make sure I sleep enough.  Yesterday I slept right through my alarm.  Today was a bit better.  I keep working on it.



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