Music is one of those things I am not good at.  I’d like to be; I keep trying.  I bought a violin in the spring when I found a student kit for $40, and have made some awful scraping sounds that eventually resolved themselves into something like a major scale.  I play my flute intermittently (once in public this year!).  And I recently joined the King’s Chorus.  I was drawn over my hump because it’s Carmina Burana.

We practise once a week, on Wednesday evenings.  I have not been doing much in the way of independent practising, largely because I was very busy the last two weeks.  Last Wednesday I definitely noticed this.  I was faltering over some of the tempos, some of the words (especially the bits in Middle High German), and, especially, some of the notes — particularly the parts where the altos go down when the sopranos go up.

One of the other faculty members who’s in the chorus (which mostly consists of students) told me about a website called Cyber Bass.  It plays your part so you can hear it and sing along, with many major pieces on there.  Today I finally had a look at it and tried out a couple parts of Carmina Burana.  My computer does not have the best sound quality, so I might invest in a pair of speakers so I can hear the line clearly enough — right now it’s very soft — but it will definitely help.

Something I learned that I am also very grateful for.


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