Blue Moon

I have been most remiss in my blogging, I see.  Even though I’ve been going for nearly a year now I find it very easy to fall out of the habit of it.  I write most days, but my novel tends to take priority when I have a limited amount of time.  And it must be said that over the last few weeks I have been busy, and then travelling — to Montreal and Ottawa and back — with little internet access.  I am working on my ability to write about travel, but I haven’t yet acquired the knack of anecdotes.  Which is a pity, as I’m starting earnest preparations for a walk across Europe and I want to write about it.

In the mean time: I will write about my preparations, my writing, my ideas, as per usual.  Classes start next week so I’ll be back to reading four or five classics a week and, no doubt, I’ll have things to say.

As for now: today is a blue moon.  Time for revels — though I am far away from the friends getting married today, here’s to them!


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