Home-made Bagels

Today I made bagels, and are they ever delicious.  Not quite as chewy as I like, though perhaps once they’re cool they will be more so than when I ate two steaming hot with butter.  But then I didn’t really have lunch today, just kiwi and ricotta cheese I’d made it in a fit of enthusiasm earlier this morning.  (So it goes when one is trying hard not to buy more food but also forgets to get anything out of the freezer to thaw, and then is so busy reading one forgets about cooking until very hungry.  And then reads Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, which makes one feel slightly guilty about the kiwis. . . .)

Also: I nearly forgot: making bagels from scratch is on my List!  Hurrah!  I’ll have pictures up eventually.  Note: it wasn’t actually all that difficult, it’s only one more step (boiling) on from making bread.  And the dough was actually quite lovely to knead.


3 thoughts on “Home-made Bagels

  1. Yes — but it only added about ten minutes to the process. You poach them in sugar water, basically (I didn’t bother to get malt syrup, just used brown sugar), then bake them. I feel this extra step is made up for (a) by the bagels then existing, and (b) by the fact that the dough was super easy to work.


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