Revisiting the List

Since I am now approaching the half-way mark of my year of thirty things to do before thirty, and also since this happens to be the one hundredth post on my blog, I thought I’d take a bit of time today to look at where I stand on my List.

I was going to list them all here again and go through it, but, sad to say, I’ve only actually completed two of the standalone items — I’ve made pasta from scratch and I’ve played my flute in public.  Of the ongoing projects, I am about half-way through one bookshelf, I’ve been exploring the Halifax peninsula, and I’ve written a goodly quantity of letters and cards but certainly not one a week.  (Perhaps I’ve written, on average, one to two a month.)  The thing I have been best at is writing for an hour a day.  I haven’t quite managed a full hour every day, but I’ve come close to doing so six days a week since December.  Everything else is a bit hit or miss.

But that’s okay.  I can work on them.  I’m moving as of this week into my summer work mode, which is going to be interesting: this is the first summer I haven’t been working on my thesis for three years, and before that I had major fields to look forward to, and before that I had summer jobs gardening.  This summer I have academic work to do: I have part of my thesis to turn into an article, an edition to finish (this will help me accomplish list item #26, Improve my Latin Fluency, as it’s in Latin), and, the major piece, a new course to prepare.  This course is called “Picture and Poetry in Early Modern Europe,” and I’m very excited to prepare it.

My non-work priority is my creative writing.  I’m continuing to write for Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s Other Voices blog on financial matters (every Friday!), and I’ve done two write-ups for the Halifax Garden Network blog.  Or rather I’ve done one and have the second due next week.  Most importantly, I’m moving ahead with my current novel, Derring-Do For Not-Quite-Beginners, and hope to have that one fully drafted in the next month.  It’s about 3/4 through its full first draft, some of the chapters having had significantly more reworking as I’ve been going on than others.  Then I want to go over my first novel, Plato’s Swan, fully with the lessons learned from this new work in mind, and tighten it up one more time.

Then it’s submitting that one to as many literary agents and publishers as it takes while I work on revising Derring-Do, and by then I imagine it will be fall and time to focus on my academic work again.  But for now, the goal is to try to come up with a routine that works, that permits me to get work done on both my academic projects and yet focus a lot more on my stories.  And my list.



3 thoughts on “Revisiting the List

  1. Sounds like a busy but lovely summer! And if you think that a beautiful riverside cottage with no tv/phone/internet might be of use, I know just the place! 😉


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