Gap Week

I can’t believe I’ve not written anything for a full week.  I’m trying to think why I didn’t last week — general busyness, I think, for the first part of the week, and then from Thursday to Monday I was visiting my parents for Easter.

Apparently going on trips means I don’t do very much writing.  I did a little bit, half an hour here and there, and did write up a longer blog post about a garden talk I went to for the Halifax Garden Network blog, which is up today.  (It’s on soil health- and was a fascinating talk.  Also, there was an amazing video on roots I’m going to post here as well because it was just that neat:

I didn’t listen to the voice-over so I have no idea if it’s interesting or not.  The video by itself is worth watching.)

Nevertheless, it seems the combination of getting out of my routine and having people to visit with in the morning means I don’t tend to do as much reading or writing as I do on my own.  I don’t think this is a bad thing, but clearly it’s something I should watch out for if I want to establish more of a writing career.

Other news: I have my new CSA delivery to pick up this afternoon, which I will write about in due course.  I can already tell that my diet is going to shift — not just to be heavier on vegetables and fruit (which is a good thing), but mostly in terms of my staples.  I usually eat a lot of pasta and bread, but the Maritimes are good potato producing areas, so . . . potatoes are going to feature more strongly in my diet than usual.  I don’t think this is a bad thing, either, but it is an interesting thing to realise so soon.  Our usual diets are so eclectic that we tend to forget the real qualities of land and food production, as well as seasonality.

As a gardener I tend to pay a little bit more to seasons than people do in cities, but as I haven’t done a great deal with food gardening I have a lot to learn about that kind of seasonality and terroir (the quality of place as it plays out in the taste of food, basically).  Although as a frequent visitor to Prince Edward Island I am certainly well aware of the role of the potato in the Maritimes!


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