First Box of CSA Goodies

Well, today I collected the first of my fifty-two weekly boxes from my new CSA.  It actually ended up being two boxes and a plastic bag: one from the vegetable share, one from the fruit share, and one from the meat share.  I wasn’t sure how much it would be in terms of volume and weight, so took a backpack and two cloth shopping bags.

The backpack was heavy and I used one of the shopping bags, and this is what I received:

– two (and a half?) pounds of small red fingerling potatoes, floury ones as I determined on cooking

– a pound of yellow onions

– a small bag of spinach

– a teensy bag of alfalfa sprouts

– some frozen pesto cubes

– a large rutabaga

– half a peck of red apples, which appears to be about 3 pounds

– two litres of fresh apple cider

– a bag of fresh cranberries, perhaps a pound

– one small chicken

– a pound of bacon

– a pound or so of boneless stewing beef

– a pound of ground beef.

Not bad, I think, for my $40/week.  Though the meat comes biweekly, and, as it was already frozen and I’m going to my parents’ for Easter, I just put it in the freezer.  I’m excited about the bacon!

I have to say that this is quite a lot of food, especially for just me, for a week, in the hungry gap between winter and spring.  I made pretend raclette for supper, boiling some potatoes and then (having cut them up into bite-sized pieces) covering them with Jarlsberg cheese and then broiling it until it was bubbling and delicious.  Then, so as to counterweight all that starch and dairy, I made a salad with the sprouts and spinach and cucumber, tomatoes, and olives I already had in the fridge.

What with the condiments and things in the fridge and the things in my cupboards, I think, and hope, I will be able to transform my diet to be largely the fresh good things from the CSA.  It will require a little more meal planning, but I tend to spend a little too much at the grocery store as it is and I think limiting myself to dairy, condiments, and the odd luxury will mean I can enjoy my food even more than I already do.  Plus it’s practice for my One Day House — and for knowing what is properly seasonal as befits the Inn.


4 thoughts on “First Box of CSA Goodies

  1. I really admire what you’re trying to achieve. Living seasonally, and off the land, healthily. Combine that with your love for literature and writing and the plan you mentioned in a previous blog post of having a small farm and holding writing schools – it all sounds so very idyllic, like something I might even want to do myself. I really hope you make it happen!


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