Signs of Spring

Yesterday I saw the first snowdrops of the year.

They weren’t fully in bloom, needing one more day of warmth, I suspect, but the flower buds were clearly visible.  They were nestled near a house, though not so near I’d expect the warmth from the building to affect them to that extent.  Not unless the house had extremely poor insulation in its basement; usually it’s only the plants within a few inches that are noticeably advanced from the ground heat.  These snowdrops were several feet away from the house, under a shrub that was the actual foundation planting.  But they were protected, on a slope facing a bit south of west, full in the afternoon sun.

Another sign of spring is the seeds for sale in various stores.  I bought a bunch while I was in Ottawa, because I found some from the Seed Savers Exchange, heritage varieties that are part of our agricultural riches.  Empress green bush beans, a mixture of lettuces — Australian Yellowleaf, Forellenschuss, Pablo, Red Velvet — don’t the names sound marvellous?  Bloomsdale spinach; Minnesota Midget melons; five colour silverbeet, also known as Rainbow Mix Swiss chard; Green Arrow peas; Tommy Toe cherry tomatoes; Chicago pickling cucumbers; a mixture of historic pansies; and the famous Brandywine tomato.

The Brandywine considered one of the best tomatoes of all time, but, fantasist that I am, of course I got it partly for its name, resonant of Tolkien’s Shire.  I will have my own little plot of Arcady in pots on my front step (the shade-tolerant ones: pansies, lettuce, spinach, possibly peas), the rest in pots in the back yard, where there’s more sun.  I am perhaps being over-ambitious, but I am being pushed by the coming spring and the current situation the main character of my present story is in.  More and both to come!


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