Writing More or Less Every Day

One of the main items on my list (at least in my own head) was to write for an hour every day.

This is naturally over-ambitious, and equally naturally I’ve had a few days when I’ve missed, sometimes completely — Christmas Day and New Year’s, for instance, and a few others when I was driving or the like and couldn’t.  There have only been a handful of days that I haven’t written at all, however, and that, to me, is the point of this exercise.  Even the days I’ve only written for fifteen minutes, I’ve written almost every day.

I am trying to make creative writing a priority in my time.  It has long been an inward priority, in the sense that, if you asked me, I would always have said that it is one of the most important parts of my life.  However, it hasn’t always been apparent from the use I’ve made of my time that it’s a priority; not when all sorts of other things, including non-important and non-urgent and even uninteresting things, like playing games on my computer or reading through lists of silly real estate listings, seem to take precedence.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to pay lip-service to something but not commit her actual time to it.  The fact that there’s a word for this suggests as much!  I always remember my dad saying something about this, that he couldn’t tell writing was really important to me because he didn’t see me writing when I was home.  At the time this stung me tremendously: because it was true.

So this year I have been trying to remedy this.  I write first thing in the morning (unless I am sufficiently motivated to try exercising while the kettle is boiling first), for fifteen minutes or half an hour or an hour depending on when I got up and when I have to go to work or wherever.  I tend to write journal-type things in the morning, reminding myself of what I’m working towards and why, or I work through problems in my story plots, or figure out problems in my life.

If possible I get back to the writing in the later afternoon or the evening after work, and that’s when I tend to work on my story and these Inn posts.  (The story tends to take precedence, which is why the Inn posts have been so spotty of late.  I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been organising my free time as well as I’d like.)

So far these are small things.  But I like very much that the more time I devote to writing, the more I want to, and the happier I am.  Writing for this short period each morning helps me feel anchored in the day, that I’ve started it well, that whatever else happens, I’ve made that small step towards living a writing life.  This is good.


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