Semi-enthusiastic Tidying

I’ve been rather slowly getting back into a routine since the Christmas break.  The problem was that I was a little over-enthusiastic with the possibility of doing lots of things in the new year, and, well, of course it’s a little hard to do a whole bunch of new things at once.

Good things: I have been writing every day (not quite an hour each day over the holidays, but with the exception of Christmas itself and another day I did write something every day), just spending most of my time on my story rather than this blog. I’m hoping to put more time into it now and get it back to a more regular schedule.  I’ve also been minding my finances fairly well, getting things done academically and professionally, and having a fairly active social life (at least for me).  But physical fitness and non-story-writing have been a little hit-or-miss.

Little by little I’ll get there.  That’s the nice thing about new beginnings: we don’t need to wait for the new year, we can start over any time we choose. Every day is a new chance to actually complete the whole to-do list (something that doesn’t happen all that often in my life!), every week a new chance to start a new project, every month a new month.

For instance, this week I’ve been tidying.  I should like to live in a decluttered house.  I am not a minimalist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like living in a clean and tidy and pleasant place.  My apartment is messy and not very tidy — though it is welcoming, and that at least is something — and somewhat daunting to do all at once.  So instead of trying to do that, or more realistically moving that from to-do list to to-do list week to week, I’ve decided to start with one part of a room each evening and spend half an hour or so on it.

This doesn’t really finish it, but I throw out the things that ought to be thrown out, clean what’s dirty or dusty, rearrange things nicely, put things where they belong — and then I’m done.  My hope is that eventually I’ll go through my whole apartment (all four and a half rooms of it! — I reckon this is a week or ten days of small jobs), then start again with the bathroom on the next level down of decluttering, tidying, cleaning.  Then hopefully it will just take fifteen minutes of tidying/cleaning at the end of the day to keep it there.

That’s the theory, anyway.  I keep trying to visualise pushing myself up the relentless plunge — and you know, it actually is helping (a little) to make me write the abstract, clean out the tub, write the letter.  Not quite do the push-ups, but maybe next week. . . .


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