Winter Solstice

I admit it’s a bit belated to wish you all a happy solstice, but this was the morning I went to a solstice party with my parents.  The party was on the north shore of PEI, on a large bay; it was a deep grey morning as we arrived, lightening to a medium sort of gray.  (If I may distinguish the two colours, grey — a deeper colour in my mind — and gray — a sort of flat metallic colour, like galvanised aluminum or unpolished steel.  I am in good company for distinguishing them, at least, as so too did Madeleine L’Engle.)

We didn’t have much in the way of sunrise, just a gradual lightening, soon blurred by the arrival of a fog off the Gulf of Saint Lawrence that turned into snow.  Nothing spectacular in terms of weather or dawn: just a slow coming-to-be of morning.  But then again, that it was what we mark here on the solstice.

The start of winter weather proper (heralded appropriately by this morning’s snowfall, covering up the greenery revealed by the rain of a few days ago); the start of winter.  And yet at the same time the turning from the darkest point of the year, the longest night, towards the growing daylight.  So the slow morning is exactly right, if not dramatic as a fiery sunrise.

Happy (slightly belated) solstice, everyone!


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