Current Favourite Blogs

So, I’ve been thinking about the blogs I read regularly.  In no particular order, these are:

Cold Antler Farm, the story of a woman my age who is slowly and with great determination and grit working towards her dream life as a farmer-writer.  I find her journey of great inspiration, and as I said in an earlier post, I admire her efforts to write her real thoughts and share them.  It’s hard enough to admit them to oneself in writing, let alone share them with other people.  She posts daily or slightly more often — a frequency I can only admire.  I am working towards posting every day, but I’ve only been doing that for the past week; I’m still working towards a good rhythm.

Related to my own dreams, as well as my own efforts, I also read Patricia C. Wrede’s blog on writing.   Ms. Wrede is the author of the Enchanted Forest ChroniclesTalking to Dragons and others — as well as a number of other works, mostly young adult fantasy.  I haven’t read her newest series yet but am looking forward to them.  (Next time I go to a bookstore that sells new books!)  She posts twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday, about writing and the writing life.  Always interesting, often informative.

On a rather different note — though this is part of my effort to work towards being able to finance things — I read Gail Vaz-Oxlade‘s blog on personal finance.  She has some very helpful tools for budgeting and the like, and is Canadian (a nice thing since most of the personal finance bloggers I’ve otherwise come across and read quite often, like the folks at The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly, seem to be American).  I’m also going to be a guest blogger for her starting in January — I’m sure I’ll mention this again closer to the time!

For some aspects that really fit more into the Mythopoeic Innkeeper’s toolbox, I also read the luscious cooking blog Smitten Kitchen and Small Notebook of all sorts of lovely and homely things.  As we work towards our own version of the Homely House of the West, these give helpful hints.  In this vein, I’ve also started reading the wonderfully named Pancakes and French Fries, firstly because of her 31 Days of William Morris series — her attempt to reorganise her house to have nothing in it that was not useful or (but preferably and) beautiful.

I was given a few other suggestions of blogs, and would be pleased to hear yours, and there are a few others I look at now and again.  The problem is I have a tendency to read through the archives, which means it takes me a while with new ones to get to the point where I can add anything else to the list.  Once I get to the present, obviously five or six isn’t too many.

Anybody have a recommendation?


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